After probably giving too much away regarding our transfer business, Stewart Donald has decided to cool his Twitter account and leave it to the gaffer. “I have set the scene as much as I can on the playing side so the fans had a more informed view and a better understanding of the issues the club face. That is done now. Any more info is too much agreed. Jack Ross can update fans as to where we are moving forward – it should be him. I primarily use Twitter to try and help fans who have genuine issues with their experience of the club or have ideas. I have got side-tracked in transfers as I don’t like false rumours. Natural given the time of year I suppose but time for Jack to sort those. I have enough to do.”

In other news, Jack Ross has been chatting about Callum McManaman’s departure from Sunderland and return to Wigan Athletic. It was misreported that McManaman was staying, but 24 hours later he was having a medical at Wigan. “It’s part of the challenge of being a manager. Callum had been really good for us in pre-season, and he had said publicly that he was really enjoying it. But he also wanted to go back to Wigan for professional and personal reasons. Once a player has decided that, I don’t have an issue with it. I want players here who are desperate to be here - and that is no sleight on Callum. There will always be players who will be attracted to coming here. It’s maybe not as attractive as it was in previous times for a couple of different reasons, but maybe those couple of reasons are good ones.”

In terms of lack of progress on incoming players Ross added: “I’m a bit more realistic about it, and I know that until everything is finalised it can change very quickly. I know he [Donald] has commented and said I am a bit more calm and measured about it, but I think I just understand the unpredictability of it. The only thing I can affect is the work we do on the training pitch, the preparation, how organised we are, and how we get players to buy into what we are doing.”