Fuck Off Rodwell

So then, Jack Rodwell is leaving Sunderland AFC... My first thought was relief. I’m relieved that finally this Albatross around the neck of my beloved club was no more. Then I was pissed off.

Pissed off that he had cost my club over TWENTY-FIVE MILLION POUNDS, and in return we received the prize sum of fuck all. We won one game in which he started, and even then, he did not finish the game on the pitch.

To be honest I’m not normally one who is focussed so much on a player’s salary, but with Rodwell it is impossible to separate the contribution and the reward.

My intention when I started writing this was to give a balanced overview of his time here… to talk about the mistakes that the previous regime made in giving him the contract that he has enjoyed… but my blood is boiling already.

For all the injuries and poor performances, the single most thing that got completely under my skin with Rodwell was that interview he gave to the Daily Mail.

Before reading it, I was almost certain I’d be hearing about a mental illness, a painful regret, a remorseful soul who wanted to repay the club in some way. Maybe one who had experienced something during his time at the club that most were unaware.

I was ready to be empathetic and sympathetic to someone I had previously displayed none of these emotions whatsoever.

I then read the interview.

I was apoplectic with rage at the utter disdain and disrespect on display.

The man is fucking deplorable.

And now he has agreed to go.

Forgive me, but I’m certainly not about to give him any credit for working with the new owners to find a resolution to his time here. I don’t care about “it’s not his fault he was given so much money” or “you wouldn’t take a pay cut if it were you” or any of that stuff...

Jack Rodwell is the epitome of everything that was wrong with Sunderland AFC.

Not just him, but everything about his time here. From the contract negotiations, the CEO, management, his agent and so on...

Good riddance, and onwards and upwards we go.

Ha’way the Lads

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