Young, Ambitious SAFC Players

Young, Ambitious SAFC Players... you’re in a difficult situation. People are trying to turn your head, throwing money around, offering higher level football. I get it, I understand. It’s tempting. And let’s be honest, you never dreamt of being a League One player. The posters on your walls weren’t of League One players, they were of international players (by the way, worth remembering, Hendo and Pickford both dropped down a division or two to learn their trade and being a Sunderland player did them no harm in the long term). But take a minute. Look at what Sunderland can offer you. See what you’re turning your back on... the stadium, the facilities, the potential, the fans, the new beginnings, new manager all starting a journey together...

This season will see the stadium rocking, heroes will be created, titles and cups fought for, playing for a manager who made St Mirren so good that Barcelona tweeted them with praise. A chance to be a hero is yours. Last time we were in this division we signed a young lad from York called Marco. Thirty years on he still doesn’t need to buy a beer in town. A legend forever. That could be you. Or you can be that bloke at a Championship side they got cheap as a squad player who, in five years, they can’t quite remember the name of.

But, yes, I know, your agent is stood like Abanazer at the mouth of the cave offering riches and power. Be careful chasing the money Aladdin. Remember, your agent is just a recruitment consultant with a nice car. They don’t care where you go or if you’re happy, they'd recommend a call centre job for you if the fee was good for them. They want their 10% and they want it sharpish.

When you’re 40 and look back at your career you’ll not open the cabinet to look at an old contract or close your eyes and remember some image rights, the photos on the walls won't be a picture of a signing on fee. You’ll look at medals and think back on memories that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up (and let’s be honest, the money’s not bad anyway).

You’ll never meet a footballer who looks back on his career and doesn’t wish he could play again just once in front of a big crowd chanting his name. You can make those moments this season with us chanting your name - one of the heroes who stayed for the journey. And remember, the journey is just beginning, this club has as much potential as any in England.

Before agreeing to a move this summer to a midtable, midlands, middle of the road club, stand on the pitch at the Stadium of Light and ask yourself what memories you’re going to miss out on. Don’t focus on where you can go now, focus on where the club could take you.

The choice is yours... Let you agent take 10% or let us give you 110%