New Boss Craic..

Jack Ross’ first job as Sunderland manager is deciding whether John O’Shea, Marc Wilson, Billy Jones and Kazenga LuaLua have a future at the club, before moving on to a major rebuilding programme at Sunderland. The new Sunderland manager said: “It’s alright having potential, but you have to find a way of exploiting it and maximising it, and that’s part of the reason why I’m so excited to take the job. Over the past year and a half I’ve had opportunities to move to other clubs, but this one was so fantastically timed for me because of the opportunity to rebuild and regain that momentum. I back myself to do it, and I’m excited for the challenge. I loved the job I was doing and I was very happy in it because we’d had good success and we were looking forward to the challenge of next season, but when Sunderland are mentioned - even before you know any details – you’re attracted to the potential and the size of the club. But the timing of it, with Stewart’s new ownership and the way he’s described his plans for the club, as well as his eagerness for me to be involved in all of that, was appealing for me and they are all huge factors. I feel I’ve always been fairly pragmatic about the choices I’ve made career-wise, and for me this a really good fit. Time will be the proof in that, but I’m very confident.”

Ross, who will return from holiday this coming week to be unveiled in front of the media, is also said to be interested in Hibernian midfielder John McGinn and St Mirren pair Kyle Magennis and Gavin Reilly.