No One Takes The Piss

Whilst it’s the hope we can’t stand after enduring decades of false promises, and at times downright lies, you have to say that this past week has produced the biggest revolution ever witnessed at SAFC in such a very short space of time.

The often hard hitting, but positive and much needed realistic rhetoric of Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven, has created a genuine feeling of hope for Sunderland’s immediate and long term future. Hope, along with pride and dignity, are words that have been absent from the SAFC dictionary for some considerable time.

Take the time to slowly read today’s brilliantly worded media release that announced the arrival of Jack Ross as manager and Sunderland fanatic Tony Davison as the new Managing Director amongst other things, and you’ll see that it perfectly encapsulates the mood of the new era that we are all embarking on together. Make no mistake, the new owners are determined to take a unified and optimistic fan base on this new journey with them from the outset. This is the new SAFC ethos-everyone in it together. Thankfully, the days when the club only wanted our money for season cards and merchandise and gave nothing back in terms of information and general respect are finished.

There has been more communication in the last week than in the last ten years, and a quick glance at social media underlines how enthusiastically it has been embraced.

What is also pertinent about this media release is that it thanks outgoing club staff for their efforts in a polite manner. However, it’s an open secret that the club has been abysmally run, in general terms, on and off the pitch for some time now and that change on the scale that we have witnessed this week is an absolute prerequisite for any future success. Some staff have been outrageously remunerated for overseeing failure and taking the fans for mugs. Look at our current league status if you’re unsure.

Everyone wanted change and we wouldn’t have dared to dream that it would happen so quickly, or that so much would appear so immediately positive.

Whilst Sunderland followers are normally used to having their dreams strangled at birth, this feels like something completely different.

Good luck to all concerned and thanks for putting your faith into a historically famous old club that we all love, but one which was going absolutely nowhere but down, with a fan base totally disconnected from their club.

The new club motto was inadvertently coined by Charlie Methven earlier this week. We are Sunderland. No one takes the piss.