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Lynden Gooch has stated his desire to say and fight to get Sunderland back into the Championship and eventually the Premier League. The 22 is amongst a host of youngsters who impressed last season, despite our disastrous league position, and he hopes to get the club back where it belongs. “I’ve been here a long time and my dream is to play for Sunderland in the Premier League”, said the American. “I don’t want to be known as part of a team that was relegated from the Premier League and then relegated from the Championship and will now be playing League One next year. Obviously that’s a massive disappointment for me, and it’s hard for me to think I’ll always be ingrained as part of the team that suffered these successive relegations because I never wanted to be a part of something like that. But it’s our job now to fix the problem. If I can help Sunderland bounce back then those bad memories can start to be forgotten. I’ve not had many highs in my young footballing career yet, but now that we’ve tasted these lows we want to get the club back to where it belongs. Hopefully we can do that and kick on.”

The club will be keen to hold onto the likes of Gooch as they begin a massive rebuild, under new ownership (fingers crossed). One player who could well be on his way out of Wearside is Joel Asoro. The 19 year old is thought to be the target for a host of clubs including Premier League Arsenal and Spurs. It’ll be interesting to see if the young Swede can resist the bright lights of London to stay and fight at SAFC. I’m kinda guessing where this one will end up though.

In other news Fabio Borini's exit from the club has been confirmed as the striker will leave Wearside on July 1st. His likely destination being a permanent move to AC Milan where he enjoyed a successful loan spell this year. His agent (eternal toss-pot and Keith Lemon look-a-like) Roberto Di Fanti said: “Yes, from the first of July Borini will be a player owned by Milan. His contract will be until 2021, The idea is to continue in Milan. If different signals should come from the club, it would not be a problem for us to find a new club. Fabio is an exemplary professional and never seeks controversy, despite being played in several different roles across the pitch. He has worked very hard to be an important player for the club.“He has never had any problems with Montella or Gattuso, adapting to their different tactical systems and philosophies. Clearly, Gattuso has switched from 3-5-2 to 4-3-3, which allowed him to return to an attacking position. I believe that the club are very happy with what Fabio has done this season. We feel the confidence from everyone. He has been a great signing. I think he will be a Milan player for a long time to come."

To celebrate being complete and utter shite once again, we’re bringing bring back this classic t-shirt from the 05/06 season. Looking back to those halcyon days under Mick McCarthy when we managed to amass an incredible 15 points to see us relegated from the Premier League.

Don’t worry we will reach those lofty heights again but until then we can take comfort in the fact that we’re all... still here when we are shit! Hardcore fans and Sunderland till we die, whichever league we are in and whoever owns the club. Players, manager and chairman come and go. Fans remain. We are the club… click here to view product