Short Will Never Be Forgiven

As Darren Bent headed in Burton's equaliser on Saturday I couldn't help but have a chuckle to myself, not because I found it funny that my club was spearheading to League One, but because it was always going to happen, I mean come on this is Sunderland. It's like the pantomime villain, he's behind you Billy Jones!

He nearly added another a few moments later if it weren't for a good save by Steele but I just had the feeling, there would be one more blow, fortunately it didn't come from Bent this time but from some fella called Boyce, not him from Only Fools. That goal had pulled the final straw for me, I had seen enough. Leaving the stadium, I've never felt as low and dejected as a Sunderland fan, even when I heard our 'equaliser' go in i didn't flicker, didn't even check to see who had scored because finally apathy had set in within myself.

I thought I came to terms with relegation weeks ago if not months but on Saturday night it hit me, League One football is on the way. How has this once proud football club become what it has? It's an utter shambles from top to bottom and there is only one man to blame, Ellis Short. This is the man who claims to be a fan yet is quite happy to watch the club die on its knees whilst he has his feet up in Florida probably enjoying a cocktail or two. A successful business man has somehow gone from the riches of the Premier League to League One in a space of 12 months. His incompetence is baffling.

How can we be optimistic with him still at the helm? There will be no investment in the playing squad I fear, if he ever had the intention then January was the time for that when we had a lifeline so why would he do it now. I dread to think what could be next under Short. The club needs someone to come in with a new vision immediately or it could be too late. With Coleman as manager and the group of young players we have there is already a seed planted in the soil, someone just needs to start watering it and it will rise.

The supporters are the heartbeat of the club and one day we will have it back as our own. We all deserve a pat on the back for our support this season and the last. We’re going through the bad times at the moment and we stick by and believe me when the good times return they will taste so much sweeter. How long we have to wait remains to be seen.

One thing is certain though, Ellis Short will be remembered for generations on Wearside and he will never be forgiven for what he has done.