I Know It’s Over

So, here’s the thing, relegation confirmed and I feel the weight lifted. I don’t need to hope anymore. I can stop looking at ifs and maybes. It’s gone. For moments today, it was still there. We were 1-0 up and I was looking at the table thinking “actually we could still scrape it”. Then it vanished. At the final whistle I hadn’t realised Burton were to play Bolton. Then it was confirmed. So now we put up with the inevitable deluge of Mags giving us grief for a couple of weeks and get on with things. It’s done. We can now be the only League One team who regularly fill the interest of fans of a Premier League team to the extent that their twitter feeds contain more about Sunderland than their own team. That shows how big we are.

One thing hasn’t gone though. One thing remains. And that is blame. In the stages of grief blame features heavily before acceptance. But first we probably need to address the hope. The recent noises coming from Sunderland suggest a takeover is far from certain. Which means we could be stuck with that absent Texan who has abandoned the club faster than a kid who’s broken the neighbour’s window playing headers and volleys.

Disclosure time. I hate Ellis Short. I hate him for what he has done to my club. His ineptitude and lack of understanding has brought us to this point. I hate Newcastle. But at this moment in time I would rather have a pint with a Mag than Ellis Short. I wouldn’t trust myself to hold my aggression with Short. He has ruined us. A club that were admittedly directionless before he took over have turned into this. A punchbag. That’s what we have become.

There are some rays of light. My son is looking forward to away games next season. If we can tie the youngsters down to contracts, then we can either benefit from them on the pitch or sell them for higher values. But Short May remain. Martin Bain gave assurances that there was no asset stripping going on, but he also mentioned that deals were complicated by the land around the ground. How can those two things match up?

I hate Ellis Short. I hate everything about him. I hate that he has abandoned us. I hate that he is silent. I hate that he wore that badge to con us. He has no morals. He has no soul. I hate him.

We have paid a huge amount in agent fees this season despite spending next to nothing in the transfer market. We are completely inept. I don’t know where we go from here but at least the hope is gone. At least we’re done. Now it’s about the future. And let’s hope that there is a shred of decency in that Texan. Let’s hope it all wasn’t made up, that he actually cares. Then again, the hope is gone.