Can Coleman Cut It?


No manager could do well without financial backing from the owner.

He talks positively about SAFC.

He did a good job overall with Wales.

He has said his family will make a permanent move to the region which most recent managers have failed to do and which suggests commitment.

He thinks Martin Bain is the best chief executive he has worked with-strong internal relationships are important for future progress.

We cannot keep changing managers so often.


Results have been poor overall and the team plays with no teal tempo, passion or aggression which should be pre-requisites.

His record at SAFC to date reflects his general record at club level, i.e. very poor.

He has been tactically stubborn with a system that hasn’t been productive and team selections have often been extremely questionable. We haven’t won in our last 10 matches as if to highlight this.

The players he brought in in January have done nothing whatsoever to improve our dire situation.

His recent post match media appearances after yet another defeat make him sound defeatist and he now looks lost and accepting of our inevitable relegation to the third tier, a frightening prospect on so many fronts.