Are We On Our Way Down (Again)?

Once again, Sunderland have ruined the weekend for supporters everywhere. Saturday’s pitiful 2-0 defeat at home to Ipswich Town has left us still deep in a relegation battle. I use the term ‘battle’ loosely based on recent performances and because, despite a decent start, we rolled over and died on the pitch at the SoL.

The way in which we imploded against a very average side yet again has shown that our squad really is lacking in quality. The goals conceded are two of the worst we’ll concede all season. Our latest defeat has hopefully put an end to Billy Jones’ career at centre back, Joel Garner probably couldn’t believe how much time he had to turn and pick out the bottom corner to put the Tractor Boys ahead.

For about the one hundredth time this season, we started well but found ourselves falling behind before half time. It was always going to be tricky to break down a Mick McCarthy side, but for Ipswich to have racked up seven goals in our two meetings this season is nothing short of embarrassing. A fun fact for you is that this was Ipswich’s first win on the road since November, one again showing that the SoL is the place to come for any team down on their luck.

We have been completely out played by a mediocre side once again and there’s no one to blame but the players on the pitch. Saying that, it would have been different if Chris Coleman had a bit more of a cash injection during the window; but all that is starting to sound like a broken record at the moment.

Saturdays defeat was our 30th match of the campaign. Our record is a bleak one; we’ve been defeated 15 times. Recent history has gone to show that around 50 points will keep you up in the Championship (its agonising to write about desperation to remain in the Second Division, but that is the state we are in). We have half of that points tally so far, the simple question is do we have enough in our squad to suggest we can register the six/seven wins needed to be secure? It really doesn’t look like it. The new signings will need some time to gel, but this is time we don’t have as we move into February.

For the second season running, we are looking down the barrel at relegation. Apologies for the bleakness, but there is nothing in our squad which suggests there are three worse teams in the league. Birmingham and Bolton both recorded massive victories over the weekend; both of these sides are piecing together decent runs at a vital time.

With a trip to Bristol City coming up this weekend the chances of our record of four defeats in the last five improving are slim. The Robins are on a poor run themselves, which will most likely mean that they will get their season back on track whilst we make ourselves rooted at foot of the division.