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ALS Issue 229
25 years later...

ALS issue 229 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

Gloom, doom, gloom and doom some more

Armstrong and McFadden: Living The Boyhood Dream
When I was a boy I wanted to be Airwolf. I'd run around the playground with my arms out and whistle the theme tune. Oh these two wanted to be footballers and editors. Not kick-ass helicopters.

The Road to Wigan's Peers
Not Wigan Pier but the peers of Wigan Athletic FC.

The Monet Of Monkwearmouth
Sounds better than the Di Vinci of Doxy park

Sobs' Story/SAFC Lookalikes
The story of our writer Paul Dobson. It's a story of betrayal, Lust and a spaniel called Jarvis

Pray To The Gods Of football
Roker Report opt for a religious approach to our predicament

1 %
It's not my body fat count but a plea to the millionaire footballers out there

Death By Football
I once got a fly-away booted at my nose from point blank range. It knacked... didn't kill me though

Impersonating A Flower
New tip for supporters. Just gan mental and pretend to be flora (not the margarine though)

It's A Funny Old Game: Ross Wallace
We interview the wee Scotsman

We Shall Overcome Some Day
Optimism abound from Thomas Lynn

Robin Brown: The Man Behind The Pictures
You know when you're little and you colour in all shit and go over the lines? That's about as talented as this lad is

ALS Merchandise
We make some stunning shite for you to buy

Tanya Bardo: The Brains Of The Outfit
I spent a good few hours searching the internet for images of Tanya. Only for her brains though

Nothing Ever Changes
We're still a bit shit

What The fanzines Say
We ask the other teams how they think they'd fair against the Lads (hopefully without them laughing)

Time Passes So Quickly
I remember a time we were a struggling Premier League team. Seems like only yesterday

Francis Todd Malone has the same initials as FTM. Just noticed that like

Cleanse My Soul In The Championship
Better standard of fans down there anyway. Good to get some proper awaydays back

Short changed
Apparently we've wasted loads of money on shit players. can't really see it myself. I was born without eyes though

Looking Back At The NextTwenty Five years. A love Supreme Turns Fifty
We grab 1.21 Gigawats and churn up our motor to 88MPH to see what the future has in store for ALS

Born There, Back Now, Worn the T-Shirt
With Gay marriage a big talking point in the news of late we talk to Sam Lightle and Adam Delicate about their time as ALS writers

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