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ALS Issue 232

ALS issue 233 is out now and available from the ALS shop and all good newsagents throughout the North East. Here's a little taste of what's on offer...

Sobs takes us through a long Christmas month which started on a positive but then died somewhere along the way.

Ain't No Fuss With The Russ
SAFC former player and now masseur Craig Russell stops by for a chat and a quick rub down.

Craig And His Dar Go To Holland
Wise Men Say's Craig Clark takes his dad to Holland for funny cake and easy women. Not really, they just went to watch the football.

Jermain Defoe – A Spurs Legend
A Spurs fan pours his heart out over the prospect of Defoe playing for a team other than his.

Tales From Toronto
Do Toronto fans even want Altidore? We speak to one of them.

Five Years XI
The best eleven Sunderland players from the last five years. Not an easy compilation.

Francis Todd Malone hates Newcastle so much he once bought a copy of 'Crocodile Shoes' by Jimmy Nail just to throw on a bonfire.

Who The Hell Is Conrad Lodziak?
Sobs talks tactics in this rather colourful alternative analysis.

Behind Referee Lines
Adam Delicate spoke to a referee expert to find out exactly why they all hate Sunderland.

All About The Here And Now
Short-termism you say? What about the long-term implications? Anyone?

Hit, Miss or Maybe?
Adam Delicate delivers the mid-term report on our summer signings.

Derby Win Centre Spread
We beat the Mags 1-0. Four in a row. Rejoice.

Adam Johnson: Consistently Inconsistent
How come the Mag Slayer only turns up half the time?

So Long And Thanks For All The Goal
Benjamin Kirwan's tongue in cheek goodbye to Jozy Altidore, the best worst striker ever.

Martin Smith: Life After Sunderland
ALS prodigy Keir Bradwell spoke to Martin Smith, who's dar played for Brazil.

What The Fanzines Say
We speak to other fans from other clubs in other cities and other towns.

January Blues
We have made some truly awful January signings in recent years. Here are a few of them.

Confessions Of A Football Fan
We received a rather bizarre letter recently. Somewhere down the line we have become an agony aunt.

Pedantary Chants
Gareth Barker goes all literal on our best football chants. Ruined forever.

Columbo Investigates
Equipped with a bong eye, a bad haircut and Bob Stokoe's coat, Columbo tackles what could be the biggest mystery yet - Jozy Altidore.

Talking About My Generation
Michael Graham is getting old and perhaps this article may put his wisdom into perspective!

Random Away Days With FTM
Not necessarily good, not necessarily bad, just random.

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